Why Does the Outside Heat Pump Fan Run When It’s In Heating Mode?

You probably have a warmth pump system at dwelling in Westlake, OH, you might need seen one thing uncommon concerning the unit and thought to your self “should the outside fan run when the heat is on?” This could be a bit puzzling and could seem counterintuitive. Relaxation assured, there’s a logical clarification for this conduct. Right here’s why the skin warmth pump fan runs throughout heating mode and why it’s an essential a part of the system’s operation.

Understanding Warmth Pumps

Earlier than we get into the larger query, let’s have a fast have a look at how a warmth pump works. It’s a extremely environment friendly HVAC system that may each warmth and funky your private home. It does this by transferring warmth between the within and outdoors of your private home, moderately than producing warmth like a furnace or different older kinds of system.

The Function of the Outdoors Fan

The skin unit of a warmth pump incorporates an essential half referred to as the condenser. In cooling mode the condenser works to launch warmth from inside your private home to the outside. In heating mode the condenser’s position is reversed. It extracts warmth from the out of doors air and brings it inside your private home.

The Huge Query

In heating mode the warmth pump extracts warmth from the out of doors air. This works even when it’s chilly exterior. The skin fan helps with this warmth alternate course of. It pulls in chilly out of doors air over the condenser coils. That is the place the warmth alternate takes place. Operating the fan makes positive there’s a steady move of air over the coils. This enables the warmth pump to extract warmth.

In colder climates frost can accumulate on the condenser coils through the heating course of. When this occurs the skin fan might cease briefly and the warmth pump goes right into a defrost cycle. Throughout this cycle the system quickly switches to cooling mode to soften the frost on the coils. As soon as the coils are clear the skin fan returns to its regular operation in heating mode.

Operating the skin fan throughout heating mode additionally helps preserve the warmth pump’s effectivity. Constant airflow permits for optimum warmth switch. This makes positive that your warmth pump performs at its finest.

In Abstract

Whereas it might appear unusual for the skin warmth pump fan to run in heating mode, it’s an essential a part of the system’s operation. It performs a big position within the warmth alternate course of and makes positive that your system can extract warmth correctly from the out of doors air. Even in colder circumstances.

Understanding why the skin warmth pump fan runs in heating mode helps you recognize the know-how behind these extremely efficient HVAC programs. So, the following time you see that fan working within the winter, you’ll understand it’s all a part of your warmth pump’s technique to preserve your private home heat and comfy!

If you’re ready for heat pump installation in your home, contact Westland Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing today to schedule your appointment!

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