Why Does My Electric Furnace Keep Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

An electrical furnace is a crucial element of your property’s heating system. This turns into much more true in the course of the chilly winter months when temperatures plummet for lengthy durations of time. For those who discover that your electric furnace in Westlake, OH, retains tripping the circuit breaker it may be a irritating concern as you attempt to diagnose the trigger for the issue. Understanding the explanations behind this recurring concern is essential to ensure your property stays heat and secure all through the system’s operational lifespan.

Let’s check out some widespread causes for an electrical furnace repeatedly tripping the circuit breaker and how one can handle them.

Electrical Overload

The commonest purpose for an electrical furnace tripping the circuit breaker is {an electrical} overload, a.ok.a. a voltage overload. An electrical furnace requires a considerable amount of electrical energy to warmth your property. If there are too many electrical gadgets operating on the identical time on the identical circuit, it may well overload the circuit and trigger the breaker to journey.

To assist forestall this concern, take into account spreading your electrical load by shifting some home equipment to totally different circuits. Don’t strive too many home equipment into one outlet, even for those who’re utilizing an influence strip. You might also want to seek the advice of an electrician to find out if it’s crucial to put in a devoted circuit to your furnace.

Defective Wiring

Broken wiring inside your electrical furnace can result in electrical shorts. This will trigger the circuit breaker to journey as a security precaution. Wiring points may result from age, put on and tear, or rodents chewing by means of the wires. On this case it’s beneficial to have a certified HVAC technician examine the wiring inside your furnace. They are going to be capable to establish and restore any broken or corroded wires to forestall additional points.

Soiled Air Filters

Clogged air filters can limit airflow in your electrical furnace, inflicting it to work tougher to take care of the specified temperature. This elevated pressure on the system can result in overheating. When this occurs, it could set off the circuit breaker. It is best to commonly test and change your furnace’s air filters. That is usually performed each one to 3 months or as beneficial by the producer.

Malfunctioning Elements

The blower motor or heating parts can develop faults over time. When these parts malfunction, they will draw extreme present and trigger a visit. For those who assume {that a} particular element is the reason for the issue, it’s best to have knowledgeable examine and restore or change the defective half.

A tripping circuit breaker as a result of your electrical furnace generally is a irritating concern, but it surely’s essential to deal with it promptly. This can make sure that your property stays heat and secure in the course of the colder months. Understanding the widespread causes for tripped breaker is step one in resolving the issue.

Keep in mind that electrical points could be hazardous so for those who’re unsure in regards to the trigger or the best way to handle it, search skilled assist.

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