HVAC Maintenance & Repairs: Your Questions Answered

HVAC maintenance

How usually do I would like HVAC upkeep?

Relying in your system and your cooling necessities, it ought to be serviced a minimal of annually, with periodic inspections as much as 4 instances a 12 months (or extra in excessive circumstances).

Primarily based on the age, measurement and utilization of your system, Arista can customise an HVAC upkeep plan to satisfy your finances necessities and preserve your system working reliably.

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Does spending the cash on common HVAC upkeep actually repay?

Sure, it completely does! Common inspection, cleansing and tune-ups stop breakdowns, delay the lifetime of your system, and even get monetary savings on vitality payments. 

Right here’s how: When particles and deposits construct up on the air conditioner’s coils, fan blades and different components, the metallic corrodes, resulting in refrigerant leaks and finally, system failure. It additionally creates a drain on the system, forcing your unit to run always in an effort to preserve the area cool and utilizing extra electrical energy within the course of. 

Common HVAC upkeep ensures that it runs at optimum effectivity and retains the components in good situation in order that they last more.

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Can I’ve my upkeep employees clear my HVAC gear?

In some instances you possibly can. Particularly in case your air conditioner is beneath heavy load, having your cleansing crew periodically mud the coils and take away particles across the unit is a superb thought. Make sure that they don’t use water across the electrical parts!

Nevertheless, you continue to have to have your coils cleaned and your system tuned up repeatedly by an expert. We use particular chemical cleaners to take away scale and buildup, and we clear components which are harmful for untrained upkeep employees to deal with, such because the fan blade. We preserve drain strains clear and empty drip pans to stop mould progress. 

Knowledgeable HVAC technicians additionally examine electrical connections, refrigerant cost, and in addition examine the whole system for worn components and any indicators of impending bother. You don’t need your cleansing employees dealing with these duties.

Why does my AC appear to wish extra refrigerant every year?

An air con system that wants recharging of refrigerant frequently is leaking and wishes restore. Arista makes use of the most recent know-how to seek out and repair refrigerant leaks, eliminating the issue.

Leaking refrigerant not solely causes your unit to lose cooling capability and use extra vitality, it’s additionally very unhealthy for the surroundings. Refrigerant gasses launched into the ambiance contribute to depletion of the ozone layer and international warming.

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How lengthy can I count on my new air conditioner to final?

Most gentle industrial programs are constructed to final 15 to twenty years. Nevertheless, there are a selection of circumstances that may shorten this life expectancy. When outside and rooftop models are uncovered to smog and salt air, as they’re in NYC, corrosion and buildup of particles could cause harm to components. The identical goes for publicity to corrosive chemical substances as usually occurs in manufacturing vegetation.

Neglect might be the most typical reason for an air conditioner’s early demise. Your system wants common HVAC upkeep to get the utmost life expectancy. Which means having it serviced a few times per 12 months (ideally, as soon as earlier than start-up within the spring and as soon as after system shut-down within the fall).

My air con has damaged down once more! Is it value repairing or am I higher off changing it?

The reply will depend on a variety of elements:

  • How previous is the unit? If it’s greater than 10 years previous, and particularly if it has a historical past of issues or makes use of outdated refrigerant, it might be less expensive to interchange it.
  • Has it been properly maintained? If the unit has been repeatedly cleaned and tuned up, and the components are in good situation, it’s more likely which you can preserve it going longer.
  • What’s damaged? If the issue is the compressor or leaky coils, it might be too costly to restore it. However, if it’s {an electrical} downside, it might be a easy and cheap repair.

Arista does each repairs and new gear installations, so we provides you with reliable recommendation that can assist you resolve. 

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Why are some areas of my area too sizzling whereas others are too chilly?

Temperature fluctuations can occur for quite a lot of causes:

  • Insufficient air circulation. You might have holes and cracks in your ducts, closed or blocked vents, or clogged air filters. 
  • Tools parts might have restore. Easy adjustments like changing a fan motor might enhance your consolation circumstances. 
  • Utilization & area structure might have modified with out updating gear and ducts. It might be time for a system redesign.
  • Uncared for upkeep. Having your system periodically inspected and tuned up makes it run extra effectively and helps present extra constant consolation.

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If we didn’t reply your query right here, be happy to contact us anytime. Our consultants can reply any query you might have about HVAC gear and luxury circumstances in your area.

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