AC Smells Musty? Here’s what to do.

It received’t be lengthy earlier than you begin up your air conditioner for the primary time this spring (in case you haven’t performed so already). However what in case your AC smells musty and unsightly after sitting unused all winter? Air conditioner smells can occur for quite a lot of causes.

Let’s check out what may cause that musty scent coming out of your AC vents (or the unit itself) and the right way to eliminate it. 

Why your AC smells musty

When an air conditioner smells musty, it’s an indication of moisture the place it doesn’t belong. Moist situations enable mildew to develop, resulting in that musty odor. 

The query is, the place are the moisture and the mould coming from? It may very well be one (or extra) of the next:

  • Your ducts.  Constructed-up mud and dirt in your HVAC ducts, together with accrued moisture, may cause a musty scent that spreads by means of your house together with heated or cooled air.
  • The unit. When you have a though-the-wall sort air-con system, moisture might have accrued within the unit. Mildew spores can get in and develop because the air warms, bringing nasty smells whenever you flip in your AC.
  • Water leaks some place else. It’s doable that the musty scent could also be coming from some place else in your house. It may very well be a poorly ventilated toilet, locker room, or storage space that has a return duct delivering smelly air again into your AC system. When you have plumbing points and water leaks someplace, poor HVAC design can create airflow situations that unfold odors in every single place.

You in all probability already know that making an attempt to masks air conditioner smells with sprays or scented candles isn’t going to eliminate the issue. Right here’s what to do as a substitute.

3 steps to eliminate air conditioner smells 

Listed here are 3 steps to take in case your AC smells musty:

1. Have your AC system inspected and completely cleaned

Begin by bringing in an expert HVAC technician to take a look at your system parts. He’ll change clogged filters and spot indicators of water leaks and mould progress that may very well be inflicting odors. You may need condensate fluid leaking, a drain ache that’s overflowing, or different concern that’s gone undetected for lengthy sufficient to permit mildew to develop. 

This may simply occur in case you haven’t had your system maintained for some time. Air-con upkeep prevents points like this as a result of the issues that trigger them get fastened earlier than any harm is completed. (That’s why it’s referred to as preventative upkeep.)

Residential methods ought to get upkeep no less than yearly, ideally within the spring earlier than you begin it up for the primary time. Industrial air-con methods might have upkeep extra incessantly, relying on the utilization situations. It pays to speak to the specialists and get a suggestion.

If you happen to’re within the NYC metro space, Arista might help. Right here’s a straightforward technique to get an estimate for a industrial or luxurious residential upkeep settlement.


2. Clear your HVAC ducts 

In case your gear is working nicely and doesn’t have any water leaks, the musty scent could also be coming from the ducts that distribute cooled air all through your house. (That’s assuming you have got a ducted system.)

Your HVAC technician can check out your ducts after they examine your gear, and they can see moisture and even mould progress. In that case, you’ll want to herald duct cleansing specialists to scrub and sanitize your ducts.

Get our helpful guide to study extra about the advantages of duct cleansing for enhancing indoor air high quality.

3. Restore water leaks and modify airflow 

In case your AC smells dangerous however your gear and ducts are high-quality, it’s time to look elsewhere in your house for the supply of the odor. If water leaks are discovered, clearly you’ll must get that taken care of to eliminate the musty scent. 

However why does the scent appear to be coming out of your AC? The reply is air move. Your HVAC system is designed to maneuver conditioned air all through your house. However generally it could actually unfold odors together with the air shifting by means of the ducts. 

Air move is one thing that may be managed with correct air flow and HVAC design. Speak to your HVAC technician about this if in case you have ongoing odor issues. You would possibly profit from shifting ductwork, including followers, or including air flow to make your house scent contemporary once more.

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